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My Story

Brian Dyck was born in Saskatchewan in 1968. Growing up with a strong set of family values, Brian’s wish was to follow the words of advice offered by his father and in doing so, Brian set out to “ LEAVE HIS MARK” on this earth.


At the age of 19, Brian left home to join Canada’s military. His 14-year career led him across Canada, to Bosnia, Croatia and to the first Gulf war in 1991. He served 5 of his 14 years as a member of JTF2, Canada’s elite counter terrorism force.


In 2002, after completing his service to the country and the world, Brian joined the Ottawa Police Service. Brian was then ready to take his skills, life’s experiences and his willingness to serve to benefit the citizens of the City of Ottawa. The decision to leave the military was a difficult one; Brian’s patriotism was worn proudly and sincerely, but so was his desire to set down roots. He married Natali and became the proud father of his beautiful Sophi.

After a routine foot pursuit while on duty in Ottawa, Brian realized that he had injured his left leg. The pain and weakness began to linger and after many tests, Brian was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) on October 20th 2009.


Shortly after being diagnosed with ALS, Brian took his fighting spirit and aimed it directly at the Veteran’s Affair Canada, on behalf of all of Canada’s Veterans diagnosed with ALS. Brian’s desire was to have all Canadian Veterans with ALS be recognized by the VAC and to have assistance provided to them in their fight to survive. With his health deteriorating, Brian took his fight to the public forum as well as our Members of Parliament in an effort to better the lives of those who needed a voice.


On September 17th 2010, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced to all Canadians that all Canadian Veterans suffering with ALS would now be recognized and provided with much needed assistance. Brian Dyck had won yet another battle, again serving his community with pride.


In June of 2010 the First Annual Ottawa Police Association BD Battalion Golf Classic was held. At the conclusion of that night, We sat with Brian and he expressed his desire that we continue the golf tournament in order to establish a benevolent fund in case any other Ottawa Police Officer found themselves in need of assistance.


On October 8th 2010, Brian lost his fight with ALS, but not before knowing he had finally “Left His Mark” on all those who have had the privilege of knowing such a great, caring person. On October 13th, 2010, Brian was honored with a full police funeral attended by over 1500 people, including sworn police officers, military personal and members of the public.


Shortly after Brian’s diagnosis, the BD Battalion was established to help assist with the staggering cost of living with and fighting ALS. Since July 2010, the BD Battalion Golf Classic has raised over $ 200,000 in support of the OPS Benevolent Fund, ALS Society and D.I.F.D.


With your help, in honor of Brian, the BD Battalion Golf Classic has lived on in the hope of fulfilling Brian’s wish of establishing a support fund.


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